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TIDE - Loads of Hope Cincinnati

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Harbor / LotusShark

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Video Production

Natural disasters like floods, fires and hurricanes can devastate communities and impact their access to basic resources like electricity and clean water.

That’s why Tide Loads of Hope’s mission is to clean clothes for families in need and give them a sense of normalcy.

Because after a disaster, you don’t just want something new. You want what’s yours back. Tide Loads of Hope brings laundry trucks to areas right after a natural disaster to provide free laundry service and clean clothes when they are needed the most.


90,000+ people served and counting.

Our program grew from a need to help people affected by natural disasters. Tide Loads of Hope has done over 68,000 loads of clean laundry and now we’re committed to expanding the impact of clean clothes tenfold by 2030.

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