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Brand New Kitchen

media solution:

Video Production

Agency / Studio:

St. Michael Movies, LLC

Media Solution Provided:

Video Production

Peter is a successful Kitchen Contractor with a seemingly idyllic family. But when his long-lost high school sweetheart, Annalyn, calls him to remodel her kitchen, it starts a chain reaction of temptation and revelation that threatens to destroy both their marriages. Does Annalyn really want a brand new kitchen, or is it a different husband she’s angling for? As things spiral out of control, what will they choose the second time around?

media solution powered by:

Unleash your Digital Agency's ONLINE "LIVE STREAMING Story-telling" capabilities with our unique "cinematic streaming" media solution.

Production Use Case:

Production Requirements:

D.P., STEADICAM, Editing, Camera Operator

Media Solution:

Video Production


Cost effective, time-saving content creation DELIVERED!

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